Choir / Cantors / Organists

The music for most of the weekend liturgies at Blessed Sacrament is led by a cantor and accompanist, the majority of which are organists or pianists. The ability to read music is a definite plus for this ministry, but not a requirement. Qualities for a good cantor include the ability to carry a tune, to be confident enough to lead the congregation in song, proclaim the psalm from the ambo and learn new music as scheduled. A good musical ear is also a plus. Organists/ pianists should have the ability to play a variety of music – traditional hymns, contemporary hymns, psalms, acclamations and service music (Holy, Holy; Mystery of Faith, Great Amen, Lamb of God).

An assessment is usually done to determine not only the musical gifts of the aspiring musician, but also to determine the level of commitment that can be given to the ministry. Knowledge of the interests of the person and current activities that might conflict with liturgies is important for scheduling purposes, and also in getting to know the individual musician.

Musicians are currently assessed and scheduled by Terri Niedergeses. If you are interested in this challenging, but rewarding ministry, and have singing, keyboard or guitar skills, please contact the parish office and an appointment will be made for you to meet with her and begin on the road to sharing your gifts, enriching the liturgies of the parish and praising God through the joyful noise of music!

Blessed Sacrament also has the Celebration Choir which was started in 1975 by Sr. JoAnn Timmerman and Fr. Tom Flanagan. It is a contemporary choir comprised of 50-60 members from Blessed Sacrament parish. Current instrumental accompaniments to the choir include piano, guitar, string bass, drums, flute, and synthesizer. The choir sings each Sunday for 9:00 mass. This mass is a radio broadcast mass. The choir also sings for special occasions such as Confirmation, 1st Communion and 8th Grade Graduation and an occasional benefit concert.

The Choir is currently under the Direction of Jan Miller. Practices are on Wednesday evenings in the church’s choir loft. The choir starts practices the last Wednesday in August and sings through Memorial Day weekend.